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At Azad Mortgages, we understand that equipment leasing and financing can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why we're here to help. We'll handle all aspects of the leasing process, from credit investigations and approvals to paperwork and documentation. We'll also work with you to find the best lease and financing program for your customer's needs, taking into account factors such as budget, cash flow, and tax implications.

Here are just a few of the benefits of partnering with Azad Mortgages for your equipment leasing and financing needs:

Leasing Vendor Program Benefits

Leasing Closes More Sales

The efficiency at which clients can close a lease sale is remarkable. Payments typically begin immediately -and in affordable terms. We email, fax or courier lease documents to your customer very quickly, the entire process is quick and straight-forward. Your job is to control the sale and get the customer to commit

Leasing Generates Larger Sales

When you offer to lease, you are providing your customer with a higher purchasing power. For larger units or additional features, the increase associated in the monthly lease cost is quite small. As a result, your customer will be more inclined to increase the size of their purchase, as well as your profits.

Leasing Overcomes Budget Problems

Your customer can avoid a capital budgeting issue that can delay the process and your sale. This occurs by categorizing leasing as an operating cost.

Leasing Builds Repeat Business

Leasing builds customer loyalty and leads to more frequent add-ons, trade-ups, and new equipment acquisitions in comparison to a purchase. The Leasing Vendor Program allows for consumers to keep up with the tech savvy world we live in.

Leasing Makes It Convenient

You are controlling the sale. You will not need to delay your sales. By offering to lease, you are looking out for the convenience of your customer to acquire your equipment. Your customer wants, needs and expects a single source to fill their needs.

Preferred Pricing and Leasing Terms

When quoting lease numbers, you use the least expensive terms to present the cost of your equipment. The new equipment becomes something the customer can easily budget for.

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Benefits Of Using Azad Mortgages Leasing

At Azad Mortgages, we work closely with our national credit partners who offer flexible underwriting guidelines, timely response time, as well as numerous advantageous financing opportunities to our clients. Moreover, we have access to different sources of funding that enable our leasing experts to use more than one funding source for high value complicated transactions to facilitate the approval process.

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